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Nurse Joseph Petticoat's Toy Hospital

Has your Tyler Poncho Toy lost an eye, or a limb, but not their soul? We will repair any toy we've ever made! You only pay shipping costs! We promise we will never completely replace your toy with a new one. We will always keep the majority of your toys' essence intact no matter what needs to be replaced or repaired. Nurse Joseph has a variety of coverage plans, see below for details.

Missing accessories:
King Ted & Jester of Seriousness
If you lose their crown or jester hat, we will send you a brand new one, for $1.50. No need to ship the entire toy to us.

Joint/Limb Tears/Missing Eyes/ Other:
If any species of animal has a tear or other injury from play we will fix them! Just fill out the form here or below to continue with the next steps for your toys' visit to Nurse Joseph Petticoat.

Tyler Poncho:
Tylers Poncho are very special to us, we want to ensure they are always in the best of health. If your Tyler needs some TLC it is a flat fee of $20 and he will return home with a surprise accessory! (and his first visit is free!)

There are also Tyler Poncho upgrades available for $50 each. You can choose a puppetized head and/or a digestive system. We guarantee that these elective surgeries will be as painless as possible with minimal incisions being made in his seams.

Spine Special!
All spinal surgeries are included in the cost of Tyler's package. If he doesn't have a spine, you can choose to have one put in for perfect posture, or you can have one taken out if you'd like him to be more cuddly. We also replace damaged spines.

Coming Soon!
More accessories for Tyler Poncho that will be covered in the missing accessories plan!

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