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about Tyler Poncho

Greetings from our monstrous CEO and Chief Fluff Brains, Tyler Poncho!
and a little hello from his human minion, and Chief Monster Maker, Kaeti.

Creating the character of Tyler Poncho was the inspiration for Tyler Poncho Toys. Tyler Poncho originally was born on Peacock City Planet. A few years ago, he teleported into Kaetiā€™s head and gave her instructions on how to recreate his body and bring his visionary toy business to life. In his true birth he was cut by turtles, sewn by birds, and stuffed by bunnies to form the true sentient being of Tyler Poncho as he exists on Peacock City Planet. He is the namesake, and mastermind of Tyler Poncho Toys. He is a monster, and demands respect as such. As my boss, Tyler tells me what designs to make, and materials to use. Often, these toys are made purely for Tyler's many daily meals. We do manage to get our toys out to stores and to our lovely online customers, despite Tyler's voracious appetite.

We love to create stories for our softies. While the world is sleeping, Tyler adventures with our toys. In the mornings, he whispers the stories to Kaeti and she writes them down. We currently have two different series of toys, Tyler Poncho's Amalgamated Menagerie, and Stuffed Animal World.

Plush making started as a child for Kaeti when she began collecting stuffed animals. Eventually she had over one hundred teddy bears. Constantly studying how they were made, she began recreating animals. Over the past two years, Tyler and Kaeti imagined and developed the characters of Tyler Poncho Toys. They brought them into existence and created their stories. Their first storybook, Tyler Poncho's Amalgamated Menagerie, was written and illustrated by the human minion.

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