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about Amalgamated Menagerie

Tyler Poncho's Amalgamated Menagerie is the series of toys based around our Chief Fluff Brains, Tyler Poncho, and his life and adventures. Many of our toys live in Tyler's imagined world. Kaeti and Tyler are thinking up new stories and toys for this series as you are reading this now. Volume One of Tyler and Joseph's adventures is currently available while Volume Two will be released later this year.

Volume One

Print: $25.00
Digital: $6.66

Join Tyler Poncho and his many friends on his adventure to find a new home! Tyler Poncho is the ultimate happy-go-lucky monster, guaranteed to be full of intense love. He comforts with his points, warm fur, and super smiley demeanor. Along his way he meets Chilly Lomedome, who makes flowers appear where he steps, and Gruffy McBearguin. The extreme cold of the antartic caused a genetic mutation amongst the penguin population, and Gruffy was born. At least he has the best mustache on the continent. Read volume one to meet more of Tyler's companions.
"Not since Alice in Wonderland has a book evoked such an endless stream of magical adventures and silly yet enchanting characters. I'd love to see Tyler Poncho's world come alive on screen!"

Product Details
ISBN 978-0-557-99490-8
Copyright Tyler Poncho Toys (Standard Copyright License)
Edition Second Edition
Publisher Tyler Poncho Toys
Published December 19, 2010
Language English
Pages 56
Binding Perfect-bound Paperback
Interior Ink Full color
Dimensions (inches) 8.5 wide × 8.5 tall